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French Exchange G10-12

French Exchange: Language & Culture

This three-week trip is held during the two weeks of Spring Break plus a few days and is open to students in Grades 10-12.

French student exchange trip

Spring is the perfect time of year to visit France and enjoy an authentic experience. Fewer tourists and mild weather make for pleasant days in which to learn and explore.

During this jam-packed trip, the students visit Paris and make their way through the many museums and monuments of the city. For the second two weeks, students move to the south of France where they attend language classes and explore the countryside. They billet with French families and partake in a host of other organised activities. With ancient Roman ruins to discover and modern ziplines to ride, that part of the country offers a spectrum of activities for the students to enjoy.

Students who have gone on the trip have come back to say that they continually draw upon their experiences back in the classroom. For this reason, we believe every student interested in developing his/her French language and cultural fluency should take advantage of this excursion.

Language Trip to France - Student Reflection

After months of preparation, form filling, and French practice (just to make sure we would survive!), the day was finally here. In the early morning of March 10th, tired but excited, we arrived at the airport and met the students from Meadowridge with whom we would be traveling to France.

Getting on the first plane, like always, was exciting. But how this metal contraption could ever fly, however, I had no idea. We soon took off, and throughout the two plane rides we watched movies, practiced French with the stewardesses, and desperately tried to catch some sleep. The stop at Montreal was long - perfect to grab a snack and take a nap! Eventually, after almost 24 hours of planes, the time had come...

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